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Are BJP councillors serious about not imposing Property Tax in Jammu?

Last Updated on March 8, 2021 at 9:46 pm

BJP councillors in the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) have expressed their opposition to the imposition of property tax in Jammu.

JMC, which is dominated by the BJP members, has earlier proposed imposing property tax on the people of Jammu. When the meeting of the general house of JMC was taking place, some BJP councillors made public their opposition to the proposal of imposing property tax. When BJP councillors should have discussed this matter with the party leadership, they expressed their opposition to this decision in front of the media to garner public sympathies.

Many alleged that the local party leadership has realized that many people will be furious at the imposition of property tax and it would hurt party’s prospects in future so they asked some corporators to oppose this move as a part of the ‘face saving’ technique. BJP leadership has requested some corporators to oppose property tax in order to give the masses an impression that party had opposed the move. Many people have largely opposed this move.

The J&K UT administration has initiated the process for the imposition of property tax through Urban Local Bodies (Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Municipal Committees). Moreover, the property tax board will be formed on the suggestions of the Housing and Urban Development Department. The main job of this board will be to properly assess and evaluate properties throughout the UT.

Critics are also saying that since a majority of the ULBs are managed by BJP so in place of opposing the move in media, the party should ask all ULBs of Jammu to not permit imposition of property tax.