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Black day: This day in 1947, Pakistan barbarity in J&K came out in open

Last Updated on October 22, 2020 at 11:09 am

The Indian government declared 22 October as “Black Day” in order to highlight Pakistan’s barbarity in Jammu and Kashmir in 1947.

The government will organise virtual events to register the day. Other than that, the government has also planned many events in Delhi as well as in Jammu and Kashmir. 

After the India got independence from Britishers, Kashmir was not convinced if it will join India or Pakistan. So, after around two months after the Independence, Pakistan attacked Kashmir. Kashmir’s Army was too small to give them equal fight.

However, the official stand of Pakistan is that it has got nothing to do with the attacks on Kashmir but several accounts like by Major General Akbar Khan by Pakistan Army say otherwise. Raiders murdered thousands of humans of all sorts; men, women and children.

National Museum Institute will organize a two-day symposium on “Memories of 22 October 1947” in Kashmir. Its main purpose will be to bring forward the history of an important day. Government sources said that the symposium will be helpful in building a museum or an exhibition with the same theme in the future.

A note prepared by the symposium says that the consequences of this unfortunate event are still affecting the nation. Thevaim of this program will be to bring awareness in the prople about this period of history. It will help in recalling that how the country faced the first conflict of the independent India. 

Refugees from Pakistan occupied Kashmir observe Black day on 22 October every year. Many posters of Black day have already started to appear in many parts of Srinagar. 

22 October 1947 was also the first time when the forces of Independent India had gone to war as raiders from Pakistan tried to capture the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. On 27 October, 1947, ruler of the Jammu and Kashmir signed an instrument of Accession with India which basically meant that the state will be a part of India.

Retired Major General of Pakistan Army wrote a book titled “Raiders in Kashmir”, which proves that Pakistan was supporting those who raiders who wanted to capture Jammu and Kashmir.