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Businessmen in Jammu protests against JMC’s anti-encroachment drive

Last Updated on November 21, 2021 at 2:06 pm

Marking of yellow lines outside shops and anti-encroachment drive by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) triggered the protests by the business traders.

The controversy sparked in Jammu after the demolition of a front elevation and subsequent sealing of a shop at ShivaJi Chowk in Nanak Nagar.

The highhandedness of JMC has led to anger amongst the businessman of various areas. Since several days the marking of yellow lines outside shops and dismantling of alleged encroachments in various areas had already agitated the businessmen.

The anger fueled amongst the businessman when recently a JCB machine dismantled the front elevation and shutters of a prominent shop at ShivaJi Chowk during morning hours, reportedly. During the protest businessman also closed shops and blocked the road for vehicular traffic while a police team also rushed there to control the situation.

As per reports, the presidents of different bazaar associations also rushed to the spot and joined the protest.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jammu, president, Arun Gupta said that they want the matter to solve peacefully. He said that JMC is not following court rules in many cases. He further informed that JMC dismantled the front of the shop at ShivaJi Chowk which is not justified as they had some order regarding the hardware store of the same shop and it was behind.

“If the things do not improve, we may go on strike in Jammu in support of the businessmen community,” he said.

Gourav Gupta, Secretary General Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries said that the action by the JMC cannot be tolerated. He further said that at least JMC should give notice or inform the shopkeeper before any anti-encroachment drive.

As per officials, the shopkeepers in Moti Bazaar also staged protest against the JMC for laying down yellow lines in front of their shops.