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Cameras, sensors on LOC, IB resulted in considerable dip in infiltration in J&K

Last Updated on October 23, 2020 at 11:41 am

Army has said that there is a steep decline in the number of terrorist infiltration from Pakistan even though Pakistan continuously trying to send maximum number of terrorists possible.

15 Corps Commander Lt. Gen. B.S. Raju told a group of journalists in Srinagar that they have been able to stop terrorist infiltration quite substantially. However, there are still continuous attempts to push in terrorists. 

Official figures state that 129 terrorists infiltrated into Jammu and Kashmir in 2018, and 130 in 2019. While to number reduced sharply 27 in this year as of now. Even though, there is some time in this year to go still the number is expected to be comparatively low than the previous years.

This lower number of infiltrators is credited to the higher number of troops deployed, use of anti-infiltration grid and use of technology. Even though the number of foreign infiltrators has been reduced still, there are concerns about an increase in local recruitment by the terrorists. 

The Indian Army added at least three more battalions to the LoC, consequently increasing the number of soldiers guarding the border, from the beginning of this summer. There was a three tier anti-infiltration grid before and new numbers were added to the first tier. Since a larger deployment was done along the LoC fence, it became very effective. 

Along with the troops, the Army is also using technology to prevent the infiltration of the terrorists. Cameras and sensors have been installed on the fence.

There is no high end technology used other than the basic tools. This is because soldiers have better knowledge of what is happening in their area. 

Pakistan has stopped operating at least 39 terror training camps from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). However, 22 camps are still believed to be operating according to available inputs.

A source told that around 300 terrorists are waiting to infiltrate but they are demotivated by the new security grid system. Also, there are attempts to supply arms and ammunition through Jammu and international birder in Punjab and Rajasthan. Weapons are also being bought from Uttar Pradesh, sources said.