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Chief Secretary launches Youth Portal for registration in schemes in J&K

Last Updated on July 29, 2021 at 8:22 pm

The Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta today launched the Website and Youth portal of Mission Youth which will serve as a one-stop platform for registration under several schemes under the Mission. The new portal will facilitate the consolidation of youth database for targeted interventions aimed at youth empowerment.

 Underscoring the importance of the e-service portal in reaching out to the tech-savvy generation, Dr. Mehta said that the initiative will bring together youth from various regions seeking Government assistance and support available on one platform- which will offer diverse opportunities and linkages. “It will establish direct communication between the Government and youth on a real-time basis”, he added.

The Mission’s IT initiative encapsulates the Government’s vision of a strong, developed, and empowered youth that actively engages in socio-economic development. It also reinforces the concept of Digital India and acknowledges the power of technology to communicate with youth and aims at providing a platform that offers opportunities to Listen, Learn and Share.

The Chief Secretary appealed to the youth to actively participate in all youth-centric initiatives for skill development and gainful employment through various initiatives being taken by Mission Youth. He said that the objective is to ensure that no youth is left behind.

Regarding auto-consolidation of the youth data and their subsequent skill mapping, Dr. Mehta asked the Mission to undertake data-based planning for future interventions based on gap analysis. He directed the establishment of a dedicated response system to address individual and collective issues raised by youth on the portal.