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Cluster University Srinagar allegedly misplaces students’ answer sheets

Last Updated on December 31, 2020 at 6:59 pm

The Cluster University Srinagar (CUS) has allegedly lost the answer sheets of final exams of students causing trouble for students. The University has made headlines in the recent past for wrong reasons. The university conducted online fourth semester exams of their integrated course during Covid19 lockdown and the results for these exams were declared in the month of November 2020.

The students said that two subject results were not declared. The result for these two papers was shown as “NA” which means “not applicable”. This has caused students a lot of unnecessary trouble which could have been avoided. These students are trying to know about the results but the officials are not properly answering their genuine concern.

Sources alleged that the University officials have misplaced the answer sheets of the students and that’s why they couldn’t provide result of those specific subjects. University officials are trying to defend their inefficiency for the last two months.

A senior University official asked how is it possible that the answer sheets of students got misplaced? This is the administration’s mismanagement and nothing else.

Previous government led by Peoples Democratic Party established the University. Earlier, there were some allegations of recruitment of staff without any academic value and just because of “recommendations”. Those who are having important positions in the University have blessings of those in power and as a result, the University is full of inefficient staff members.

A senior official at the university said that the matter of missing answer sheets is being solved. University students have requested Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to resolve the issue.