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Complaint redressal system in Jammu needs a makeover, several files unattended

Last Updated on July 17, 2021 at 11:42 am

An efficient and effective complaint redressal system is a must and integral part for any administration for being accountable and responsive.

But it seems that complaint redressal system in Jammu and Kashmir is not effective at all. The complaints filed by the people of Jammu are allegedly unresolved.

During an official meeting on July 14 it came to a notice of a senior official posted in Jammu district there are around 550 complaints as filed by the Jammuites which are unattended reportedly. The official documents revealed that concerned officer informed the Deputy Commissioner that around 550 grievances are unattended and are pending in different departments.

Deputy Commissioner had been taking a view of department wise grievances of which are disposed and which are pending. Deputy Commissioner instructed the officers for timely redressal of complaints and work in uniformity with other departments.

A senior official said that the concerned officials have been directed to redress the grievances within 15 days from the time of the up-dation. He further said that to reduce the pending complaints concerned officers have been told to look into grievances on daily basis.

Mostly the residents face grievances regarding sewerage blockage, streetlights, water and electricity supply etc. in their areas. But the biggest issue which Jammu has been facing this summer was of power crisis.

A Jammuite said that there is nobody in the system who listens to the pain and plea of people. “Power crisis in this summer is a suitable example because the government has duly endorsed the problem. Even formal complaints are being left unattended for many years,” said a Jammuite.