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Compulsory government service for medical students in Ladakh, either serve or pay fine

Last Updated on February 7, 2022 at 4:59 pm

Ladakh government had put a compulsory government service policy for those candidates who seek admission in MBBS/BDS/Post Graduate Courses in various disciplines of Medicine or Surgery (both clinical and non-clinical) on the basis of Reservation Quota of the UT.

Candidates applying admission under ST quota, Ladakh union territory quota or any other quota, medical students must sign a bond to serve in Latah for a prescribed period after completing the course which is five years for MBBS and three years for BDS.

If they fail to serve in Ladakh, an MBBS has to pay Rs 50 lakh to the UT of Ladakh and a BDS Rs 30 lakh. The order says in case a student fails to complete the degree, he has to pay half the bond amount to the government.

Smanla Dorje Nurboo, councillor, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, told Outlook that this order was issued last year which clearly shows the bureaucratic rule in Ladakh.

Nurboo on Thursday protested against the order in Leh and said that bond order is not well thought-out as it only does good to administration not students. “In Ladakh, there are no medical colleges. There are only two hospitals in Ladakh. The order has not specified where these students will work after completing their degrees,” Nurboo said.

Nurboo further said that this order will impact psychology of the students and said that they don’t have a state-level legislative body, but that doesn’t mean officials can issue such orders.

The bond has specified eight clauses that students have to sign before taking admission in medical colleges, dental colleges or institutes of medical sciences, and also covers PG specialisation and PG diploma courses in medical disciplines.