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Controversy over appointment of junior Forest officials at senior positions in Kashmir

Last Updated on June 10, 2021 at 4:55 pm

A controversy has broken out in Kashmir over posting a staff member in Forest Department of the UT.

In the forest department of Kashmir province many Range officers hold the post of Division Forest Officer (DFOs) in some districts. Whereas many other senior officers (State Forest Service) SFS and (Indian Forest Services) IFS have been given insignificant jobs.

SFS and IFS officers have requested the Raj Bhavan to order an investigation and look into the matter since they are not pleased with the posts given to junior officers.

As per reports, rules and regulations have been allegedly violated which have created grudges among SFS officers who are senior than Range Officers. Giving these higher posts to junior officers is growing a seed of poor performance of the Forest Department, an official said.

As per sources,  “Two Range Officers (ROs) are holding posts of DFO Social Forestry Baramulla and Kupwara. Whereas a junior officer is working as Regional Director Social Forestry Kashmir, the post which is equivalent to Conservator of Forest. Another ACF, a junior level officer, is working as Regional Director Pollution Control Board J&K. To utter surprise many senior SFS officers were replaced to adjust these junior officers” said sources.

As per reports, “An official is holding three charges against government policy of posting one officer at one post. One of the female officers in-charge DCF is holding the post of Joint Director Forest Protection Force”.

However, a request has been made to Lt Governor Manoj Sinha for enquiring about this matter through the Commissioner Secretary Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment.

DCF officers are working as DFOs which is a junior post than conservator in the territorial wing of the Forest Department which has resulted in huge resentment in SFS officers.