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Court grants bail to four Ladakh students arrested for Israel embassy blast

Last Updated on July 17, 2021 at 12:19 pm

On Thursday Delhi court granted a bail to four Ladakh students who were arrested for the alleged connection in the blast that took place near the Israel Embassy on January 29.

A relief to four students Nazir Hussain, Zulfikar Ali Wazir, Aiaz Hussain and Muzammil Hussain was granted by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Dr Pankaj Sharma. While granting the bail, Dr Pankaj Sharma said that during the investigation nothing incriminating was found against the accused and said that nothing has been found in investigation that they have any links with terrorist organization.

The police had alleged that it was a conspiracy by Islamic outfits and that the four accused were meant to carry out terrorist attacks in Delhi and other parts of India, targeting western as well as Israeli establishments in the country. The students’ counsel argued that Zulfikar Ali, Ajaz Hussain and Muzammil Hussain were graduates, who were in Delhi to prepare for competitive exams and Nazir had been in Kargil for the last one and half years.

The report filed by investigating officer suggested that one of the accused used to post “highly objectionable” material on Twitter against Israel, the United States and other western countries.  But the court said that nothing in the police report suggested that any of the accused persons were posting any objectionable material against India. Court also said that electronic gadgets including mobiles, laptops and pen-drives have been recovered by investigating officer for analyzing data.

All the four students have been suggested to drop a pin for location on Google maps to investigating officer.