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COVID 19: Use tele-dentistry for oral health problems

Last Updated on July 26, 2020 at 3:02 pm

Jammu, July 26: Dr.Gautam Sharma, former president of Indian Dental Association (IDA), Jammu, has advised that while it is important to visit a dentist for the dental issues requiring emergency treatment, the patients suffering from minor dental ailment can make use of tele-dentistry to resolve their oral health problems.

With the surge in the number of Covid-19 patients, it is recommended to remain indoors and make use of tele-dentistry apps on a mobile phone to consult a doctor online as and when required. It is of utmost importance for patients suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, respiratory ailments, cardiovascular diseases etc., to follow precautions against corona virus and to remain in-door.

Tele-dentistry is a division of tele-medicine for distant consulting of a dentist through an internet connection on a computer or a mobile phone. Doctors from throughout the world are available online for consultation and treatment planning.

The easiest way to consult a dentist online is through a smart mobile phone having an internet connection. The consultation fees can be paid online and previous medical and dental records can be uploaded for information of the dentist.

Colgate has come up with, which is free of cost facility for patients to consult a dentist online. Patient can use this app on their mobile phones and computers for video calling to interact with a doctor or can just message their oral health related issue and gets the solution online from an expert. Patients can schedule an appointment at a time of their convenience. Dr.Gautam pointed out that teledentistry is one of the powerful media through which dentist can motivate the patients to upkeep their dental health as well as teach them the proper and scientific method of using toothbrush and maintain oral hygiene.

Dr.Gautam said that while dentistry has been worst hit by the corona pandemic and will take a long time to revive as patients are avoiding their visit to health facilities, the doctors have found tele-dentistry an important medium to help and assist their patients in need.

He asserted that the companies which are manufacturing dental products for the day-to-day use by general public must come up with free of cost tele-dentistry apps as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative for the public as a long term program so that people can take advantage of consulting a doctor from their homes for minor dental issues not requiring emergency treatment.