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Crackdown on women drug peddlers: Property worth Rs.72 lakhs belonging to 2 women drug peddlers attached by Police in Jammu

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 at 8:03 pm

In a significant crackdown on the illicit drug trade under operation Sanjeevani, the Jammu & Kashmir Police have seized property worth 30 lakhs belonging to Sudesha Kumari, a notorious drug peddler from Resham Ghar Colony, Jammu. This action underscores the police force’s unwavering commitment to combating drug trafficking and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Sudesha Kumari, wife of Subash Chander, has been under the police radar for several years. Accumulating substantial wealth through the illegal trafficking of drugs, primarily targeting the youth, Kumari constructed a double-storey house in Resham Ghar Colony. The seizure of her property is a part of the ongoing efforts to dismantle drug networks and disrupt the financial foundations of such criminal activities.

The accused has been booked under case FIR No. 205/2020 U/S 8(A)/21/22 NDPS Act and case FIR No. 41/2024 U/S 8/21/22/29 NDPS Act at Police Station Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. These cases highlight her deep involvement in the narcotics trade, prompting the decisive action taken by the authorities.

“Today’s seizure is a clear message that the Jammu & Kashmir Police will not tolerate drug peddling and will take stringent actions against those involved in such illicit activities. “The Jammu Police is determined to root out the drug menace from our society and will continue to target and dismantle these criminal networks.”

This operation marks a critical step in the fight against drug trafficking in Jammu and sends a strong warning to other offenders. The J&K Police urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help in the collective effort to eradicate drug-related crimes.

Under operation “SANJEEVANI”, Continuing its strict action and showing fearless resolve against drug peddlers, Jammu  Police today attached one residential house valuing  in Lakhs belonging to notorious drug peddler namely Shakeela  W/0 Late Ashok Kumar R/0 Rajeev nagar Jammu under section 68-F of  NDPS Act 1985

 The residential house was identified as illegally acquired property during the course of investigation/enquiry conducted by Jammu Police. The property was prima facie accured from the proceeds of illicit trafficking in Narcotic drug and Psychotropic Substances by the owner of above mentioned house.

Pertinently the said Drug peddlers are involved in Case FIR NOs:-

i) 267/2017 U/S 8/20 NDPS Act PS Bahu Fort Jammu.

ii) 353/2021  U/S 8/20/21/22 NDPS Act PS Bahu fort Jammu

iii) 110/2022 U/S 8/20/27/29 NDPS Act PS Bahu Fort Jammu

It is pertinent to mention here that in last month three more properties worth crores were also freeze in Rajeev Nagar and Ragoora area of PS Bahu fort and bagh e bahu  by Jammu police.

This operation reaffirms the commitment of Jammu Police to combat the drug menace with full force. Local people of the area hailed the initiative of Jammu Police with regard to the attachment of immoveable property, which has been raised/ used from illicit trafficking of narcotics by the drug peddlers in the District Jammu, police added.