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DC orders installation of 300 streetlights in Kishtwar

Last Updated on December 23, 2023 at 6:40 pm

In an earnest effort to illuminate the town ahead of New Year 2024 celebrations, District Development Commissioner Dr Devansh Yadav, who is also the Administrator Municipal Council Kishtwar, has launched a proactive initiative to create a radiant ambiance in Kishtwar City.

The DC along with EO MC Ninad Sen and Municipality officials conducted a comprehensive inspection late last night  to assess the street light issues and bolster civic amenities and cleanliness across the township.

During the extensive inspection, the DC meticulously surveyed the town’s streets, pinpointing dark spots and identifying areas lacking adequate street lighting. After these findings, the DC has directed the Municipal Council Authorities to expedite the installation of 300 new street lights and promptly repair non-functional ones.

This strategic move aims to enhance public safety and ensure well-lit thoroughfares across the crucial points and dark spots within the town.

In an appeal to the citizens, the DC has urged their active involvement in this initiative. Residents are encouraged to report any dark spots or non-functional street lights to the Office of DC Kishtwar within the next five days. This collaborative effort between the administration and the citizens aims to swiftly address these issues, ensuring a brightly lit and secure environment for all.

Beyond the assessment of street lighting issues, the inspection also included an evaluation of the cleanliness quotient in these areas. The Deputy Commissioner took stock of the sanitation levels and stressed the imperative of maintaining cleanliness standards. He specifically highlighted the menace of illegal garbage dumping in streets and directed stringent measures, including imposing fines, to curb this unacceptable practice in streets and in front of shops.

This approach not only sets the stage for a festive New Year celebration but also underscores the commitment to enhancing the township’s overall infrastructure and safety standards. This initiative marks a significant stride towards a more vibrant and secure community as Kishtwar welcomes the New Year 2024.