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Deep-rooted terrorism in Kashmir ruining lives of youngsters

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 at 2:52 pm

Terror attacks, killings of people and violence have created a terrible situation in Kashmir and turned it into a breeding ground for radicalization.

This rising situation has become one of major concern for security agencies. Terrorism has not been confined now only to a particular region or nation rather has become a global threat.

A defence expert said that countries like US, Russia, China are researching, viewing and analyzing consequences of indoctrination flourishing from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, the severity of extremism India has been faced in Kashmir since 1989.

The violence, attacks and killing innocent people have created a deep psychological impact on the minds of younger generations. Moreover political weaponization of beliefs has made the situation even worse.

It has been reported that security agencies have found that Mohammad Hanif is a handler who is responsible for recruitment and providing logistical support to the Pakistan sponsored proxies in the valley. Hanif spoiled the future of several innocent children of his neighborhood and created a dark future for them. Ironically, making and giving the best of things and providing education for his children.

Hanif and Shoaib were paid handsomely after ideologically luring Abid in terror activities by unleashing their propaganda of misinformation warfare. Abid was made to watch sensitive videos and made to read other incriminating material, to brainwash him and make him an extremist. Abid surrendered to police in 2020 leading to the revelation of what has been mentioned above.

A former terrorist, Abdul Majeed who was a contractor ruined the life of Imtiyaz Ahmad, who got trapped in the world of terrorism by listening to all commands of Majeed. Imtiyaz Ahmad is currently languishing in jail who was a sole earner in his family. However, falling into the death trap of Abdul Majeed, he ruined his own life as well, leaving behind his old parents all alone.

Spoiling lives of youth is not only done for money but the ideologies militants have in their minds. They keep their own children away from the web of terror but spoil the lives of several innocent youth by pushing them in the world of crime and terror.