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Dental diseases can complicate diabetes, says Jammu dentist

Last Updated on September 19, 2021 at 3:12 pm

Presence of periodontal disease which is the disease of gums and supporting tissues of a tooth can dysregulate the glycemic control therefore complicating diabetes. The Periodontitis and Diabetes has two way relationship. Diabetes increase the risk for periodontitis, and periodontal inflammation negatively affect the glycaemic control.

Dr.Gautam Sharma, former president of Indian Dental Association, Jammu, and specialist in treating periodontal disease said that if a person find bleeding during the brushing or biting on hard surfaces like an apple, recession of gingiva, presence of hard deposits on tooth surface, swollen gums and loosening of teeth then he must immediately report to a periodontist for a consultation. Dr.Gautam told that majority of his patients who had been treated in the initially stage of the gum disease are completely fit.

In majority of cases, the periodontal disease is caused due to bacterial infection. Initially, the margin of gums will look red, puffy and swollen to the patient. This is due to the adherence of a microscopically visible thin film known as plaque on the tooth surface. The film contains a lot of bacteria in its structure and if remain uncleaned changes into a hard structure called calculus which is visible to naked eye as yellowish-white deposits on the tooth. If this plaque and calculus remains undisturbed on a tooth structure then it may lead to further destruction of the periodontal tissues due to persistence of bacteria and response of the body to the microorganisms. Further, it may lead to formation of periodontal pocket and loosening or loss of tooth.

In non- diabetic individuals, periodontitis is associated with higher fasting blood glucose levels and glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) , and severe periodontitis is associated with increased risk of developing diabetes. In people with type 2 diabetes, periodontitis is associated with worse diabetes complications. Treatment of periodontitis results in improved blood glucose levels.

People with diabetes are more prone to infections, including periodontal disease. Periodontitis is sixth complication of diabetes. Healing is also compromised in diabetes due to presence of excessive sugar or glucose in the blood.

Dr.Gautam Sharma stressed that a simple procedure of oral prophylaxis by a periodontist can completely treat the gingival inflammation in an initial stage while the advanced cases may need surgical intervention.