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Despite a ceasefire agreement, peace doesn’t prevail in J&K

Last Updated on July 22, 2021 at 5:18 pm

Over the past few weeks Kashmir is facing an increase in the militant’s violence as well as increase in the participation of foreign terrorists in attacks on security forces.

The months of June and July have been active in since 36 militants were gunned down in 16 encounters. In July there were 10 encounters in 20 days in which 20 militants were killed of which four are suspected to be from Pakistan.

In all this year, the security forces witnessed 36 operations, 80 were killed in Kashmir and six in Jammu. But in these operations, 15 security personnel and 19 civilians lost their lives in militancy-related incidents.

Despite a ceasefire agreement, the peace within the valley remained for few months only. There have been many attempts of infiltration and as many as 20 terrorists have entered Kashmir, reportedly.

Till July 15, this year 69 individuals joined the militant ranks and in 2020 174 individuals turned militants.

Top police official of Jammu and Kashmir said that technological interventions have helped curb recruitment in the Valley besides intensification on counter-terrorism operations despite Covid-19 pandemic. “We intercepted several people before they could join any terror outfit. In many cases, parents have come to seek help in finding boys that have gone missing. So public trust has increased,” he said.

According to intelligence reports, around 200 terrorists are active in the Valley and infiltration from Pakistan is 40 per cent of them.

225 militants were killed by security forces in 2020 in J&K. in 103 operations (90 in Kashmir and 13 in Jammu), 207 militants were killed in valley while 18 in Jammu.

The number of J&K police officials which have been killed this year has increased.