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Doda DC Harvinder Singh stresses on improving power grid stations in district

Last Updated on December 14, 2023 at 4:35 pm

Deputy Commissioner Doda, Harvinder Singh, recently led a meeting discussing the functioning of the Power Development Department in the district. The meeting centred on assessing the power supply, management, and challenges hindering the distribution of electricity in the district. Officials from the Power Development Department (PDD) shared that about 85% of the power supply comes from the central government, while only 15% is generated within the state during both summer and winter seasons.

The discussion focused on ongoing efforts, like the installation of a double line circuit, which is underway and expected to be completed by December 31 up to Khellani and by March 25 up to Kishtwar. 

The current curtailment schedule during winter stands at 6 hours in urban areas and 8 hours in rural areas due to supply constraints. The meeting also delved into the challenges faced in providing power to remote areas like Dessa, where some villages are yet to receive electricity.

A key concern highlighted during the meeting was the requirement of 124 megawatts of power supply for uninterrupted 24-hour service. DC has instructed the officers to maintain sufficient Transformers, poles, wire, and other equipments to restore any damages and provide uninterrupted power supply to the residents of Doda district during the winter. The discussion revolved around the need to improve grid stations in areas like Bhellesa and Thathri to enhance power supply. Officials discussed specific issues hindering power supply in Thathri, assuring ongoing work to address these concerns.

Deputy Commissioner emphasized the necessity of 120 megawatts of power supply considering the current demands. Additionally, the meeting addressed various issues affecting power supply during winter, including the need for extra transformers. Presently, the district receives only 45% of the required 120 megawatts.

Attended by officials from various departments, the meeting served as a platform for Assistant Executive Engineers (AEEs) and Junior Engineers (JEEs) to highlight power-related issues. The Deputy Commissioner assured that all identified issues under the capital expenditure budget would be addressed promptly for better power distribution in the district.

The meeting chaired by Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh aimed to address the challenges and requirements for effective power distribution in Doda. Discussions ranged from the current supply status, ongoing projects like double line circuit installation, power needs for remote areas like Dessa, improvements in grid stations, and issues related to winter power supply. The meeting concluded with an assurance by the department to resolve identified issues under the capital expenditure budget, aiming for a more efficient and reliable power distribution system in the district.