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Dogri song ‘Jammu Meri Jaan’ released on social media platforms

Last Updated on August 21, 2021 at 8:23 pm

A Dogri song titled ‘Jammu meri Jaan’ sung by Dr.Himja Mengi was today released by Jammu Diary which is a Dogra socio-cultural and literary trust. The worldwide release of this song was done on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. Most of the song was shot at Bani, Basohli, Sarthal areas as well as other places depicting Dogra culture.

Dr.Himja Mengi, who is a dental surgeon by profession is singer and lyricist of this song and is directed by Sahil Nath. This song was conceptualized by Sugam Bral and co-produced by Dr.Rajiv Mengi. Recording was done at HN music studio and editing was done at DB reflection studio.

Sugam Bral, chairman of Jammu diary, said that “ We are committed to uphold Dogra culture, traditions and Dogri language. We will be showcasing the heritage of Dogras, culture, cuisines, dresses and traditions in the video of this song. Jammu Diary is also conducting research on the various aspects of Dogri and Dogra culture which are forgotten by the local people of Jammu region to regain the lost glory of our tradition. We also want the diaspora of Dogras to participate and collaborate with our organization so that we can showcase the Dogra culture to the world by organizing our programmes internationally, “said Bral.

Bral also congratulated Dr.Himja Mengi for singing this beautiful Dogri song. He said that all those people who want to participate in Dogri promotion are most welcome to the Jammu Diary organization.

Dr.Himja Mengi who is a dental surgeon runs a private practice at Sainik Colony Jammu and was representative to state government from Indian dental association (IDA). She was also actively involved in organizing various seminars and conferences during her tenure as an executive member of Indian dental association.