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Drug-related issues have grown this big in Jammu and Kashmir

Last Updated on November 13, 2021 at 1:48 pm

The drug-related issues have increased in Jammu and Kashmir and have now six lakh people affected by drug-related issues and shockingly, 90 per cent of the substance abusers are from 17-33 age group.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Friday said that as per a consumption survey there are at least 6 lakh residents affected by drug related issues in the region.

In this alarming situation, Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta directed for making an action plan for achieving results on the drug menace front. He directed for proper counselling and rehabilitation of victims of drug and substance abuse for which a broad policy has to be formulated for timely intervention of the government. He observed that the menace has to be tackled at a mega-scale considering the prevalence of the problem.

As per officials, it was also informed that Jammu and Kashmir lies in close vicinity to the golden crescent which produces 80% of the world opium and is considered as the prime source of illicit drug trade.

Chief Secretary focused about the need of compiling data on production of poppy and cannabis in Jammu and Kashmir as well as cross-border transportation to assess the presence of these drugs and their synthetic derivatives in J&K.

As per reports, six lakh people affected by drug-related issues which is approximately 4.6 per cent population of the Union territory of which 90 per cent users are from 17-33 age group.

To handle the drug issue, the CS advised for formulation of a multi-faceted strategy including proper training of enforcement agencies, enhancement of drug testing capacity, assessment of illicit production and trade, seizure and destruction, arrest and conviction of accused, and counselling and rehabilitation of victims.