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Entire lot of RTPCR test samples go missing from Srinagar

Last Updated on April 22, 2021 at 12:25 pm

An entire lot of RTPCR test samples went mysteriously missing from one of Srinagar’s health centres leaving the people with symptoms baffled.

As per reports, Lot No 102 of RTPCR test samples conducted on April 17 went missing from the records and the people from whom the samples were collected were left high and dry with no information about whether they have been positive or negative during the entire process.

One person hailing from Lal Bazar area of Srinagar said that he along with his kid went for the COVID-19 testing and samples for RAT as well as RTPCR were taken from them. “We had the COVID symptoms like fever and soar throat but we tested negative for RAT” he said.

However, the medicos attending us at the Lal Bazar dispensary told us to go for home isolation till the RT-PCR report comes. That happened on April 17. Today is April 21 and there is no information about the test report. My son is mere 7-year old.

Meanwhile, another lady from Zadibal shared the similar predicament.

While her RAT test was negative, she was asked to wait for the RT PCR to arrive. As she has been waiting for the past five days, there is no information about the report’s arrival. “What if I am COVID positive? What if I infect other people unknowingly as there is no information about the test report and I don’t know whether I am infected with the virus or not.

How can I go for a treatment when I don’t know anything about the outcome of the test?,” the lady said.