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Feel the solace and calm of Jammu

Last Updated on April 24, 2020 at 9:30 am

Jammu, J&K is the part of the Incredible India. There are numerous places in India but Jammu is really solace, People here are very calm and Solicitous.

The city of temples, Love and what not. Jammu is the place where you’ll get intrigued by the people and lifestyle.

Veracious, the street food of Jammu is literally The finest.

You’ll receive huge amount of love in the food. Kaladi kulcha is itself an epitome of addiction. The best of kaladi kulcha is made in Udhampur district.

Jammu is the place, where  Sidhra is another home for teenagers.

Jammu is the place which has it’s own tranquility. People here are ecstatic.

Jammu is the place about which people don’t talk much but Jammu gives you the feeling of elation. People are fascinated by the beauty of Kashmir but Jammu is no less.

Jammu and Kashmir is called heaven on the earth for a reason.

The beauty of The Trikuta Hills is totally incomparable to anything which is in katra, The home of Maa Vaishno Devi.

Mansar lake, situated 62 kms ahead from Jammu is a proper picnic spot with your family . The beauty of The Mansar lake can make you reach reveries.

Patnitop is the place which can revive the dead kid in your adult body. The snow during the winters, Revives the feeling of love and happiness in your heart, located in the Udhampur district. The little huts gives you the feelings of simplicity.

Nathatop is another beauty of Jammu , located a few miles above Patnitop gives you the exact feeling of snow fights and snowmen you always wanted to make as  a kid.

Bawe wali Mata, Bahu fort, Is the most mesmerising religious spot in Jammu which i personally feel. Here you can see the connection between a temple and a mosque built together which directly or indirectly signifies the unity amongst the religions.

Bagh-e-Bahu located just near the The bahu fort is the couple spot of Jammu , Here you can witness the lively atmosphere among the people.
Simplicity has always been our aura.

When it comes to food, We’re no way behind. In Jammu Kaladi kulcha, peede ke rajma chawal is not just food but they are an emotion for us.

Gandhi  Nagar has the best kaladi kulcha in the Jammu district.

Being the Dogra population here we rule the UT with our simplicity.

If you want to get palpitations then Bhaderwah, has it’s own impeccable beauty. located in the Doda district of Jammu. If you feel scared going to Kashmir but you want to feel the beauty Of kashmir then Bhaderwah is the place you should visit.

The snowfall, the mountains, the fine atmosphere, the peace makes it really beautiful.

Though They think Jammu is not a safe place but here we’re to tell you it’s one of the safest place you’ll visit in India.

People here are filled with sweet temperament. Which you’ll adore.

City of temples they call it, city of peace i’d call it.

This guest column is written by Minal Puri who is a 12th standard student based in Jammu, J&K