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First case of black fungus reported in Jammu; keep these things in mind

Last Updated on May 21, 2021 at 12:31 pm

First case of black fungus or Mucormycosis was reported in Jammu after the ailment had been detected in several people across the country.

A 40 year old Covid patient became the first person to contract black fungus in J&K.

He was admitted to Government Medical College Hospital, Jammu, after he tested positive for Coronavirus. Later he was found to have acquired black fungus as well.

Principal Government Medical College, Jammu Dr. Shashi Sudan said that a 40 year old male has tested positive for the black fungus.

“The reasons are attributed to uncontrolled Steroid-induced Diabetic Ketoacidosis as a Post-COVID Complication,” Dr. Shashi said.

She pointed out that this is an avoidable complication that can be restricted by strictly monitoring the blood sugar levels of the COVID patients put on steroids.

Mucormycosis is not a communicable disease and the spores of an opportunistic fungus known as Mucor which are in plenty in the air may start germinating in the eyes and the nasal mucosa and start penetrating the eyeballs, brain, sinuses brain and facial bones necessitating excision.