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First forensic science lab established in Ladakh

Last Updated on December 18, 2021 at 2:17 pm

The first forensic science laboratory (FSL) has been established in Ladakh, officials informed on Friday. The Ministry of Home Affairs has approved the establishment of FSL. Officials informed that it will help to provide an unbiased scientific opinion on different types of evidential material referred to them by the investigating agencies and in turn, help the judiciary.

Officials informed that specimens had to be sent outside UT for examinations especially when the specimens were perishables like human viscera. Officials further said that the FSL Ladakh will be a multidisciplinary forensic laboratory capable of examination and analysis of biological, chemical, print, and documentary evidence.

The establishment of the forensic science laboratory unit in Ladakh will go a long way in giving better, strong, and reliable evidence in the court of law and will also act as a deterrent to possible crimes in the future.