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Five beautiful lakes in Ladakh that are a must-visit

Last Updated on June 15, 2022 at 4:20 pm

Ladakh in its lap holds the fresh air to breathe in relaxation, pristine lakes, spectacular landscapes and adventurous spots.  Ladakh has almost all the aspects you need for a perfect vacation. Nature portrays itself in the form of lakes in the magical destination of Ladakh. If Ladakh is on your next bucket don’t forget to visit the pristine lakes in Ladakh.

Five must visit lakes in Ladakh are-

  1. Pangong Tso Lake-

Pangong lake in Ladakh will definitely make anyone fall in love with its beauty. The word Pangong is taken from a Tibetan word that means a long and narrow enchanted lake.  It got very popular after being featured in a Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’. It is situated at height of 4350 meters and the shimmering blue water and mountains around it is just mesmerizing. This lake is the main place where the migratory birds breed like Rare black-necked cranes, Brahmani Ducks, and Seagulls.  This lake is worldwide famous and many tourists from all around the world come to enjoy its picturesque view.

2. Tso Moriri Lake-

Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh also called as Mountain Lake is blessed with crystal clear water, snow covered peaks and lushy greenery which will definitely leave anyone spellbound. Tso Moriri is mostly visited by the people who like to explore places that are less crowded and have an impeccable view. One can spot the famous migratory birds like Brahmin ducks and black-necked cranes here. One can also visit the Buddhist monastery located nearby.

3. Tso Kar Lake-

It is also called as Twin Lake as western portion of lake is salty and eastern part is fresh. It attracts many tourists every year due to its clear blue water which is surrounded by snow-clad mountains.  All the birdwatching lovers can spot many species of the birds like Brahmin ducks, bar-headed geese, crested grebe, and the black-necked cranes

 4. Yarab Tso lake-

Yarab Tso lake is situated in Nubra valley and is very famous tourist spot. People who love to trek will enjoy its breath taking beauty as one has trek along the mountains for few minutes to reach the lake. The lake consists of crystal-clear water, and perfectly reflects its surroundings and the remote location adds to its mystique and beauty. One can also explore nearby villages like Panamik village and the Distil village. 

5. Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lakes-

Located at the highest point of Zanskar region, Lang Tso and Stat Tso are the twin lakes in Ladakh. One can even see the reflection of snowcapped peaks of Zanskar in background due to purity of these beautiful lakes.  This lake is a picture-perfect spot for photo shoot.