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Five myths about Jammu city that you hear outside the UT

Last Updated on April 17, 2020 at 11:04 pm

Every city, every person and every object have rumours and myths around them. Here is the list of top five myths regarding Jammu city or few things we Jammuites have to listen from people outside the state:

People actually think  it snows in Jammu city

Yes, they do think that, for real. And we all the time try to make it clear to them that it snows almost in every area of Jammu and kashmir except for Jammu city. Jammu is as hot as other cities in India, we’ve to go through high temperatures in summer way similar like Delhi, Mumbai among other cities. Maximum temperature can go anywhere between 45 or 47 degrees. So now they get how hot Jammu is and it doesn’t snow here. But no matter what, we would love if it snows here.

People outside state think we all have seen terrorists

This is the most common thing anyone residing in India, other than J&K would ask you and they’re like wow! you live in Jammu and so you must have seen a terrorist or witnessed an encounter but the truth is that majority of us never even dare to go near a site where our security forces are engaged in an encounter with ultras. I mean we know we live in a different zone as compared to others but that doesn’t mean that they’ll generalise the whole UT. It becomes really difficult to make them understand this basic truth.

They think Jammu is a mountainous area

This is also for real and very common question which at least most of you would’ve faced. Yes, Jammu and Kashmir is a mountainous area but Jammu city is not surrounded by mountains and hills.

We’ve normal houses and surroundings like any other city. Similar traffic,similar routines.  We don’t get to see hills every day unless we move outside the city. Otherwise our areas and lanes are as normal as any other states.

People have little idea about distance between Jammu and Kashmir division

Most of friends outside J&K keep on telling me that you are too blessed to live in Jammu, that you could visit Kashmir – The heaven on Earth, anytime you want. It would be so near to you. And i get perplexed by that statement
because Kashmir is more than 7-8 hours from Jammu, more than 300 kilometres and the worst, we take flights to go to Kashmir despite being in the same UT.

And it’s not at all near to us, the hilly roads make the distance more, yet the most beautiful.

You’re so blessed, you can go to Vaishno Devi everyday

We love going to Vaishno devi but we don’t visit there everyday. I am a religious person but I can’t go there everyday. Katra is not near to Jammu as it takes an hour to reach there. We visit Vaishno Devi once in a three month or may be at longer intervals. A study needs to be done to find that!

Author of the article, Minal Puri is a 12 standard student who is based in Jammu