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Governing Body of SMVDNSH holds 68th Meeting – reviews functioning of Hospital and plan for Medical College

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 at 5:10 pm

The 68th Meeting of Governing Body of SMVD Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Kakryal (Katra) was held on 15th of this month under the Chairmanship of Dr Ashok Bhan, Member, SMVDSB. The Meeting was attended by Sh. Suresh Kumar Sharma, Member SMVDSB, Sh. Anshul Garg, CEO, SMVDSB, Sh. Viren Shetty, Group C.O.O., NH and other senior functionaries of Shrine Board and Narayana Health.

After reviewing progress of its earlier decisions, the Members expressed general satisfaction regarding over-the-years gradual healthy growth of the Hospital. This was manifested in all major performance benchmarks such as patient footfall, bed occupancy, revenue, clinical augmentation of operational base / capabilities etc. The Governing Body was informed that on an yearly basis, the Hospital provides IP-treatment to almost 50,000 patients across different specialties, besides OPD Consultations to almost 60,000 patients. Almost 1/3rd of treated patients are provided free treatment under the UT sponsored Ayushman Scheme. As a matter of fact, SMVDNSH is the largest Ayushman service provider private Hospital in the entire State. As a mark of clinical reputation of the Hospital, the beds of the Hospital; particularly critical care beds, are in great demand. Consequently the ICUs of Hospital are almost full at all points of time.

The Governing Body was also apprised that since the inception of Hospital in the year 2016, free treatments worth more than Rs. 40 crore have been provided to more than 80,000 beneficiaries under the Medical Support Policy of Board, aimed to benefit the poor and needy patients.

Another dimension of Board’s benevolent gesture was sponsoring of life transforming Cochlear Implant Surgeries performed on congenitally deaf poor children belonging to economically deprived backgrounds. The Board has sponsored as many as 23 Cochlear Implant Surgeries, transiting deaf children to the world of sound and speech. SMVDNSH is in fact the only Private Hospital in the entire state performing Cochlear Implant Surgeries requiring high-end clinical capabilities / professional inter-departmental co-operation.

The Governing Body resolved to take further strides in alignment with the philanthropic vision of the Shrine Board to ensure that the Hospital becomes useful for the society / region. The CEO, Shrine Board also assured of Shrine Board’s full support in this regard to ensure that the hospital evolves as a state of art facility endeavoring to touch lives of vast sections of society.

Several important decisions concerning further growth of the Hospital with the introduction of “positive interventions” to strengthen the quality of patient care, were taken in the Meeting. This included various decisions to address operational issues, critical review of progress of early expected Organ Transplant Programme of Hospital, finalizing plans for incurring capital  expenditure for growth of Hospital upto 500 beds, extensive review of feedback / suggestions received from patients / attendants and firming-up of a road map for expanding services-framework of Hospital’s Jammu clinic.

The Governing Body also critically reviewed the progress of early setting up of fully funded Medical College of the Board for general development of the region. Besides, several decisions having far reaching implications were also taken for the concurrent expansion of the Hospital’s bed capacities for meeting emerging demands and further enhancing the operational capabilities of the Hospital. Towards the end of the Meeting, Dr. Bhan emphasized expediency of execution as the essence of future plans relating to the Hospital / upcoming Medical College of the Shrine Board.