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Haunted places of Jammu and Kashmir: You shouldn’t visit these areas alone

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 at 1:51 pm

‘Heaven on earth’ …? That’s what Kashmir is called. No doubt about how the valley got this name. The picturesque landscapes and scenic views of the valley are totally irresistible one should definitely visit the place once in a lifetime.

But in this little paradise, you might find some haunted places. Those who find these paranormal things fascinating might want to explore these spots whereas, those who get scared to death by just mentioning the term ‘ghost’ might want to avoid them.

Here are some famous haunted places in Kashmir valley you might want to know about:

1.   Khooni Nala

There’s a stretch on Jammu and Kashmir highway just before the Banihal tunnel, which is known as khooni Nala. The place was named so because several road accidents took place at this spot and it is believed to be haunted by alternate universe spirits. The story behind this is that a woman in black saree is seen here with a baby in her hand asking for a lift. She curses the ones who ignore them so they eventually end up dead by the road accident. Weird!

2.   Gawkadal bridge

Let’s go back to more than 25 years in time when some people in Kashmir were killed during protests on January 21, 1990. Security forces opened fire on the protesters near the bridge killing at least 100 people on spot. Since that day a huge number of paranormal activities have been reported at the spot. It is claimed by the locals that spirits of the angry and dissatisfied people who died an untimely death are believed to haunt the bridge now.

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3.   Ghost of Abdullah jinn

Some people have actually confirmed the existence of jinn in a house in Srinagar. According to them anyone who enters the house has his or her shoes thrown out after a while and will suffer some kind of illness later. Also, screams and supernatural voices have been heard in that house.  

4.   Udhampur army quarters

In Udhampur army quarters people claim to have seen flying ghostly appearances for a few seconds and then they fade away. They suddenly fade away with an unusual voice and light in the sky. This is seen at midnight between 1 am to 3 am. Strange!

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5.   The twin village

The identical villages of Kunan and Poshpora are believed to be haunted by the spirits of women who were gang-raped and tortured allegedly by armed men. This incident took place on February 23, 1991, when it was reported that around 100 women were allegedly raped by soldiers in these two villages. According to the people after the incident, these villages are haunted by the spirits of women who died there.

Had you ever thought that a place so mesmerizing like Kashmir would have dreadful spots like these? They might be the stories passed on by the elderly in the valley but who knows if some evil spirit might be waiting there all hungry. 

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