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Hospitals in Kashmir lack facilities for attendants, people suffer

Last Updated on December 14, 2021 at 7:19 pm

Most of the specialty hospitals in Kashmir lack the facilities of Sarai for the patient’s attendants. There are many hospitals in Kashmir which are without any facilities for the attendants leading to much dismay for the people. There is no proper place and sitting arrangement for the attendants coming to hospital.

It is shocking to see that at night’s attendants of patient’s struggles for space and line up themselves in corridors with blankets.

The hospitals present scenes of misery in absence of attendant Sarai: a place where attendants accompanying admitted patients could keep their belongings, cook, eat and get some sleep.

A girl from Raman came for X-ray at Bone and Joints with two elderly women but they jostled in the sea of people to help the young patient, her torso in plaster, get inside the building, reportedly.

The belongings were their beddings for the night, for the 20th night that they were spending in the corridor of the Hospital.

Though, SMHS Hospital had an attendant Sarai but it was reallocated to serve as a make-shift OPDs for many departments in 2014. Now that most departments are back to their original locations, a ‘temporary’ OPD for Super Specialty Hospital has been going on in the premises for years.

At GB Pant Hospital, due to lack of space there is no area for the attendants. At Bone and Joint Hospital, the condition stands same.

Except SKIMS Soura, none of the tertiary care hospitals in Kashmir has an attendant accommodation, as per Greater Kashmir.

Medical Superintendent GB Pant Hospital, Dr Nazir Ahmed Chaudhary said that the hospital was in the process of shifting to a 500-bedded building in Bemina. “We may have some reprieve there,” he said, adding however, that no Sarai had been constructed there as well. Medical Superintendent Bone and Joint Hospital, Dr Mian Suhail said that the hospital was an old one and new buildings were in the process of coming up.