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Lockdown: How a teenager is spending time in Jammu

Last Updated on April 17, 2020 at 8:56 pm

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, there is a lockdown across the world.

The Virus spread which was declared as pandemic by WHO, is creating numerous problems nationwide and in international terms of course.

The move of lockdown by our PM Narendra Modi is really appreciable. Everyone has to go through certain problems during lockdown.

But we should never forget that Money, economy, business and everything can be revived but not your life. I, as an aware teenager from Jammu know what to do during such situations.

Well, like most of you, i don’t have anything to do. But i won’t go out unnecessarily just to get a change.

I won’t be touching things and my face when not required. I even maintain social distances with my family. This is the time you should utilise it for finding your hidden talents which may open paths to your destinations.

We all wanted some free time and time with our families, we’re getting it now and we should use it in an optimum manner. We, were so busy with our busy lives that we forgot to cherish the minute moments in our lives.

Whether it’s walking on road or driving with your loved ones. Now is the time that we realise this. We teenagers and youngsters spend most of our times playing PUBG and other games.

We spend our times in watching movies, we do binge watching on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We spend all of the time scrolling the instagram and facebook. we spend our times talking to our friends. Making new dishes Writing more. Finding our talents.

The lockdown is itself a boon for the nation and we being the citizens of india should follow it.

In Jammu, as we all know all the markets are shut except for the necessary ones.

And life has changed so much, it changed to something we could never imagine, I seriously didn’t have any idea that everything I studied in economics is becoming a reality now!

All the movies i watched, they’re becoming a reality as well! Contagion is a must watch movie currently!

Well, to be very honest i’m reminiscing about my school days, when it was too simple and life was going smoothly but then reality happened. All days spent in school, restaurants, parks etc seems to be a fantasy now.

There was abundance of freedom, which we always took for granted. Our routines have totally changed now, we spend our whole day playing games and watching movies. The stress is escalating because we’ve exams that are postponed and we have to study that as well.

We have immense time currently yet we refuse to use it in a good manner. why?  I guess this is the best time to do all the free things we always wanted. Wave Mall and Gandhi nagar has always been an attraction for us, And it’s really really heart wrenching that we’re unable to go there.

In my personal opinion, something i miss the most is school and good food. we all had so many plans for this year but it’s all in vain. I remember planning about my colleges but maybe it’s in vain as well.

we were so excited to be 18 this year but life happend! Suddenly while writing this i realised that on this day, last year we all were merrily enjoying, partying, dancing, eating but life isn’t the same now.

I totally agree we’re not doing anything productive but if just staying indoors can save the world, then i guess we all should do it. We get inspired by our brave soldiers on the borders and battlefields, we get inspired by the doctors, police men, media, medical, power and electrical personnel.

Actually everyone who’s working right now for essential services for us. We always wanted to serve the nation. And now we’re getting the chance to show our nationalism and patriotism towards our nation.

Criticising won’t help right now, we’re in a very critical situation all we can do is support the government and the police , medical and media personnel. I know staying at home all day leads to monotony but this could be our contribution for india, for world.

And together we’ll do it.

This year surely began with a pessimistic note but together we can make this end with optimism. All we have to do is stay indoors.

Just remember your staying indoors can save the world from this pandemic.

I know this time during lockdown is really crucial. For some time we should keep the extrovert inside us quiet. Together we’ll combat this, together we’ll triumph!

The guest column has been authored by Minal Puri, a 12th standard student based in Jammu