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How Ladakh’s all-woman café pushed to brink of closure

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 at 4:17 pm

Women have been around the world coming forward and placing her feet in the entrepreneur world with full zeal and enthusiasm. One such example comes from the mountain ranges of Ladakh who has made a huge difference in and for the society.

Despite of a huge successful journey, Thinlas Chorol owner of Ladakhi Women’s Café, is facing a threat of closure.

In the year 2016, Thinlas Chorol began the journey of this café which has provided employment to several women. But after the pandemic hit the entire world, café of Chorol in Ladakh hit majorly and is on the verge of closure. Due to Covid-19 lockdown café was closed for two years and has been recently opened again.

Ladakhi Women’s Café has been majorly affected due to pandemic as the place witnessed major foreign tourist footfall that enjoyed the taste of authentic Ladakhi food.

It is also pertinent to mention that Chorol had set up the Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company back in the year 2009, which has the distinction of being Ladakh’s first travel company completely owned and operated by women. Due to Covid-19 pandemic travel agency run by Chorol which has many female guides and porters has been severely hit.

Chorol told The Tribune that before October 2019 her business was successfully running but after the pandemic hit the world it has become very difficult to run the business in such difficult times.

At present, only two women are employed at the café. The eatery was started with an idea that Ladakh being a conservative society provided few employment opportunities to women.

Chorol informed that nearly 40 girls worked with her at the travel agency and café till 2019. Tsering Youtol, one of her employees, said that they are hoping that café doesn’t get closed as it offers organic food that should survive.