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Don’t know how to make cake at home? Call Punjab police

Last Updated on April 17, 2020 at 10:27 am

A man in Punjab who wanted to celebrate first birth anniversary of his daughter but did not know how to make cake at home was helped by the personnel of Punjab police.

Ritesh Garg who is a resident of Mansa district and father of a one year old daughter wanted to celebrate her birth anniversary on Friday amid a lockdown imposed across the nation. The lockdown in Punjab is stricter as the cases of Coronavirus are increasing in the state by the day.

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Confused over the situation, Ritesh talked to the area councilor of his ward who in turn promised him that he would receive the cake on Friday afternoon. Puzzled Ritesh thought that it was not possible for anyone to provide him a cake when all bakeries were closed and there was no movement of people in the area.

However by afternoon Ritesh and his family was left spell bound with the sound of sirens in front of his house. To his surprise, the family found at least five to six police personnel on their two wheeler in front of the house along with a cake. Punjab police was informed by the local councilor and they decided not to let the lockdown mar the first birth anniversary of the kid.

“I asked my wife a day ago to learn on internet how to make cake at home but we could not find any solution to the issue. Later I discussed the matter with the local councilor and told that I was extremely disappointed that I could not do anything for my child” said Ritesh Garg.

He said that however after the birthday cake was delivered by Punjab police cops. “I am extremely thankful to the Punjab police for providing me the cake for my child’s birth anniversary” said Garg.