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In the limelight of Bollywood, J&K government forgets local artists

Last Updated on June 21, 2021 at 11:52 am

The Jammu and Kashmir government did not forget to promote film tourism in UT but forgot to help and provide rescue to the local artists who have been affected due to the pandemic.

While the government claims to be finalizing J&K Film Policy to showcase the splendid locales of J&K besides assisting the filmmakers, the government did not provide any compensation to the local artists who were affected due to Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns.

To highlight their grievances, the theater artist community in Jammu protested outside Abhinav Theater in the winter capital recently.

As per reports, due to lockdown and Covid restrictions many artists did not have anything to eat as social gatherings were not allowed where they worked.

The artists said that it’s sad that the government is concerned about Bollywood, when the local talent is unable to manage two times meal a day.

Ironically while the artists demand a relief package from the government on the pattern of what was announced for the Shikara Walas in Kashmir, the administration is busy preparing a database of local talent that can contribute in Bollywood. 

A delegation of local artists said that getting a chance in Bollywood would only be possible if they survive their ongoing condition. “Artists are not being heard by the government”, complained a delegation of local theater.

The government in their official handout said on June 18 that the new film policy lays thrust on harnessing the local talent in the field of movie making in J&K which will create employment for the youth in the field. Further it mentioned that a complete database is getting prepared of the local talent for hosting on the website which will lead filmmakers to shoot their film in UT and utilize their services.

In the official release it is mentioned that for getting themselves registered local talent of J&K who are working in the field of movie making can fill in their details by or before 10, July 2021.