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Instances of unauthorized and wasteful expenditure under govt scanner

Last Updated on July 21, 2021 at 10:33 pm

Jammu and Kashmir government seems to be on a mission of significant moves during the past sometime.

In a recent development administration of J&K has directed for investigation of instances of unauthorized, irregular and wasteful expenditure. Also the instances of underutilized materials, machines lying idle, advance issued but the materials not been received also came into observation.

These instances came to the notice of Finance Department while conducting mandatory audit of various offices and was found that there has been improper execution of work and many works are left in between after spending significant amount of money but with no proper outcome.

“In terms of Rule 70 of GFR 2017, the administrative secretary of the department shall be responsible and accountable for financial management of his department and to ensure that the department follows Government procurement procedure for execution of works, as well as, for procurement of services and supplies,” reads the circular.

Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary has directed all the Administrative Secretaries to instruct their subordinate officers to avoid unauthorized, irregular and wasteful expenditure in implementing work and procurement of goods and services.

Also it has been directed that if such wasteful expenditure occurs it must be immediately reported and investigated. Further adding he said, “The recoverability of the unauthorized, irregular or wasteful expenditure must also be considered”.

Also it has been made cleared by the government that non compliance of this will result in appropriate disciplinary procedure against the concerned officers or officials.