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Jammu did not get access to 4G internet even in 2020

Last Updated on February 5, 2021 at 11:18 pm

More than 500 days have passed since 4G mobile internet has been blocked in Jammu. On August 5, 2019, mobile internet was banned in the entire Union Territory even though there were hardly any disturbances in Jammu and the region mostly supported the government’s decision.

4g restoration in J&K

People of Jammu had high hopes that at least, normal internet will be restored in the region on the occasion of the new year and were left disappointed. A student in Jammu called the condition shameful and asked where are those leaders who used to claim that they will represent people of Jammu to the government and used to seek votes under the garb of representing Jammu people’s interests. He says that these people have fallen silent and don’t sympathize with the Jammuites demand for restoration of normal mobile internet. He alleges that these leaders have left people in a very troubling position.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration issued a statement last week declaring a ban on 4G internet in Jammu and Kashmir to be extended till January 8. The internet speed in the region will continue to be restricted to only 2G. However, the districts of Ganderbal and Udhampur will be exempted from this restriction on the internet where mobile internet speed will continue to remain unaffected.

The statement said that there were intelligence inputs that many terrorists were trying to illegally enter into Indian region and these mobile internet restrictions had obstructed those terrorists from doing so.

The order further said that the peaceful conduction of DDC elections in the Union Territory has irked some elements who can’t digest public peace. Recently held elections witnessed participation of nearly all the political parties across the UT and large-scale voter turnout. There are many reports of the multiple incidents of hurling of grenades by terrorists targeting civilians/police personnel/security forces and the encounter with security forces.

This decision of restricting mobile internet speed is not going well with people of Jammu. Many of them are voicing their frustrations out on social media platforms. Many students are annoyed as they can’t participate in online classes. Students who have to face board exams are continuously requesting the government to end restrictions on the internet so, that they can prepare.

Update: Internet services were being restored in J&K on February 5. This article was published on January 1.