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Jammu leaders remained health ministers for 19 years but failed to improve system

Last Updated on June 3, 2021 at 11:34 am

It’s not hidden from anybody how the health care system collapsed in Jammu and Kashmir during the second wave of coronavirus, specifically in the Jammu region.

The Jammu region had to bear an unusual death toll during the second wave of deadly virus, specifically in Government Medical College Jammu but now the time has come that someone should be answerable for the high death rate.

Jammu as of date has reported over 1,067 Covid deaths which is the highest among all 20 districts of the Union Territory. 

Past 19 years was the time period when all health ministers belonged to Jammu but ironically the health sector is still weak in the division.

For a short duration, only Taj Mohi-ud-Din remained Health Minister during the NC-Congress regime; otherwise this portfolio remained with leaders from Jammu. 

When the PDP-congress government was formed in J&K in 2002 , Choudhary Lal Singh became Health Minister. 

After Lal Singh was elected as Lok Sabha member, Pandit Mangat Ram Sharma and Suman Bhagat of Congress remained as Health Ministers of J&K. 

It was again Lal Singh who held the portfolio during PDP-BJP regime. After him it was handed over to Bali Bhagat. After he was removed from the cabinet the portfolio got into hands of  Dr. Devendra Manyal.

Retaining health portfolio for the past 19 years, Jammu failed in providing adequate infrastructure during the pandemic outburst.