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Jammu MC demotes Enforcement Inspector for ‘allowing’ illegal construction

Last Updated on March 30, 2021 at 3:51 pm

Taking strict action against an Enforcement Inspector for allowing illegal construction in his area, Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) has demoted the said employee.

As per an official statement by JMC “A complaint regarding unreported illegal constructions was received against the then Enforcement Inspector, Ward no. 68 of the Jammu Municipal Corporation and taking note serious of that, an enquiry was ordered by the Disciplinary Authority (Commissioner, JMC), wherein it was proved that illegal constructions were taking place in the area of jurisdiction of the Enforcement Inspector without obtaining prior approval from Jammu Municipal Corporation”.  

The statement further read that in view of dereliction of duty on part of the official with regard to stoppage of illegal constructions in his area of jurisdiction and considering the serious nature of the misconduct and the rank and duty bestowed upon the charged officer,  the Disciplinary Authority has imposed punishment of reduction in rank of the charged officer under Rule 30 of Classification, Control and Appeal Rules and an order has been issued that grade/rank of charged officer is reduced from Enforcement Inspector to Sanitary Inspector with immediate effect with further stoppage of three increments.

“The Commissioner, JMC further appeals to the general public to avoid undertaking illegal constructions, get their buildings plans approved from Jammu Municipal Corporation which is now much easier, as the online service is available for applying building permission at the door steps of applicants” said the statement by JMC.