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Jammu University’s recruitment rules file shuttling even after being principally approved by LG Manoj Sinha 17 months ago

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 at 3:42 pm

It is more than 17 months that a file pertaining to recruitment rules for certain categories of employees of the University of Jammu was principally approved by Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha, who is chancellor of the university, but it is still tossing between the Raj Bhavan and the University.

The recruitment rules file has once again been returned to the University of Jammu by the J&K Raj Bhawan citing extraordinary benefits to certain officers sitting in the top administrative positions of the Jammu University.

It is pertinent to mention that the University of Jammu conducted its 87th University Council meeting under the chairmanship of J&K LG, Manoj Sinha, on 21st January, 2023, in which the recruitment rules for the employees were principally approved by the LG. But even after one and a half years, the file is shuttling between the University, Raj Bhawan and Higher Education department.

On December 16, 2023, Chief Secretary J&K Govt., Atal Dulloo, stressed that the Government has time and again issued directions for finalization of Recruitment Rules of each & every department , so that pick & choose on higher placement can be stopped, but many departments have still not ready with their recruitment rules.

A senior official of the Higher Education Deptt., J&K Govt., said that he has thoroughly studied the Jammu University recruitment rules file and barring 3 to 4 rules which gives extraordinary benefits to certain officers sitting on the top administrative positions of the Jammu University, all other rules are perfectly in alignment with the Govt. policies. But the University of Jammu has not yet expunged the rules which are providing exceptional benefits to certain officers. By now the file should have been returned to the Raj Bhawan for approval of LG.

As the recruitment rules file is stalled, the career advancement of many employees of the Jammu University has been stuck. The Vice-Chancellor should have intervened to get the sanction for the recruitment rules from the Chancellor of the University.

Contrary to the good governance slogan of PM Narendra Modi, and the assurance by J&K LG that the files will be cleared within the time bound manner, the employees of the University of Jammu are in the state of limbo and despair as their recruitment rules are stuck.