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J&K departments warned to project share in capex budget in time

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 at 7:32 pm

Jammu and Kashmir government has warned the departments to project the UT matching share in capex budget before finalization of budget.

“Instances have been observed that departments are not projecting the UT matching share in Capex Budget and the demands are made for the same after the finalization of the Budget” a circular read.

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Curcular further stated that it causes hindrance in completion of projects and unnecessary delay in receiving funds under CSS from Government of India resulting in hampering of the project with least outcome.

“It is therefore, impressed upon to all the Administrative Secretaries to direct their sub-ordinates to avoid such instances in future and project the correct amount of UT matching share as first charge in Capex Budget” it read.

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“Non – compliance of this shall be viewed seriously and disciplinary action initiated against the defaulting officers/officials” the circular read.