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J&K focuses on youth with Rs 312 crore budget allocation; Self employment focus

Last Updated on April 8, 2022 at 8:37 pm

The Budget of 2022-23 allocated a capital expenditure of Rs 312.57 crore for the youth related activities in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

It includes Youth Empowerment, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Skill Development and Sports Activities as this year’s allocation is Rs.19.72 crore more than the previous year’s budget allocation.

Youth Empowerment, Employment and Entrepreneurship:

To empower and provide self-employment opportunities to youth, Rs 200 crore have been provisioned under “Mission Youth Programme” under which job fairs will be conducted for facilitating jobs in the private sector and training to be imported to build entrepreneurship capacities for self-employment. 

More youth will be covered under MUDRA/GECL and other financial inclusion schemes through bank finance for raising their own livelihood. The basic purpose is to attain development in an inclusive and sustainable manner by supporting and promoting partner institutions and creating an ecosystem of growth for the micro enterprises sector. As a self-employment measure under Youth Start-up/ Seed Capital/Women Employment Programme, Rs. 60 crore have been provisioned. Adequate provision has been kept for establishing Incubation/Innovation centres.

Employment/job portal at par with National Career Service (NCS) portal will be developed for providing a single platform for employer and job seekers. The portal will work towards bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers, candidates seeking training and career guidance, agencies providing training and career counselling, besides financial support will be provided to youth for undertaking self-employment and Overseas Employment Corporation will be revitalized.

Skill Development:

Skill Development aims to provide quality education and training programmes in specific areas of Engineering, Technology and Management through formal and non-formal modes of delivery. It coordinates the efforts and Policies regarding Skill Development of the state empowering all individuals especially the youth of J&K through improved skills and knowledge, to gain access to decent employment. It thus strengthens the economy of the state as well as fight with the problem of unemployment. In the new budget, construction of hostel blocks in different Government Polytechnic Colleges for providing better residential facilities to students will be taken during 2022-23.

Construction of workshop blocks/classrooms in different Government Industrial Training Institutes for creation of infrastructure facilities for trainees will be taken in 2022-23.

Sports initiatives:

In order to make the sports lucrative for youth, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has sanctioned the implementation of Jammu & Kashmir Sports Policy 2022 with the institution of several sports awards, incentives, scholarships, appointment of outstanding sports persons among other features.

This first ever policy document has been created with the vision of ‘games & sports for all’ and is designed to be in conformity with the National Sports Policy of the country.

The Government of Jammu & Kashmir is laying the main focus on sports activities for the engagement of youth. Over 17 lakh youth participated in diverse sports activities and 1.26 lakh youth received coaching in different sports activities.

National Events in 17 Sports disciplines will be hosted for providing exposure to the talented athletes and interaction with the reputed players of the country.