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J&K government employees needs to submit their property details

Last Updated on July 28, 2021 at 3:51 pm

After the 11 employees were sacked by the Jammu and Kashmir administration that was allegedly involved in anti-national activities, J&K administration is on high alert. Now the administration has asked all government employees for submitting their property details.

Government employees have been directed to submit the details of immovable and movable property owned by a public servant or any member of his or her family or the property in which he or she or any member of his family has interest.

Also they need to submit date of first appointment as a public servant and also the detailed scale of pay and rate of salary on the last day of December of the preceding year. They also need to furnish the details of the average strength of the family members who are dependent on the officer during the period. The name, address and occupation of the officers father and father in law in case any property is shown in the statement as having been received from the parent or parent in law.

Details of social media accounts of employees who are not verified have been asked from heads of government departments.

Earlier, a major decision was taken which was about laying off under-performing employees as the J&K government asked the administrative secretaries to start with a process of identifying employees who are ineffective in work or not fit to continue after completion of 22 years of service or have attained 48 years of age.

In April the J&K government framed a Special Task Force (STF) for identifying the government employees who are involved in any anti-national activities.