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J&K government gets tough on faulty employees processing files in casual manner

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 at 5:14 pm

Jammu and Kashmir government gets tough on the employees in various departments who process files in a casual manner. J&K government has a strong reply for the faulty employees. Government has warned such officials that they will have to bear the responsibility for delayed or incorrect decisions.

J&K government recently issued an order which read that responsibility for any incorrect decision or delay in decision due to lack of due diligence in submission of notes or dereliction on part of any officer or official shall lie with the concerned officer or official.

Authorities have observed that many files are being processed in casual manner leading to delay in timely disposal of matter.

“However, it has been observed that a number of files are being processed or examined in a casual manner thereby delaying timely disposal of issues, as also sometimes leading to inappropriate or incorrect disposal and decision,” Principal Secretary GAD Manoj Kumar Dwivedi has noted.

It has been pointed out that such lack of effort and initiative on part of employees working in various government departments has been viewed seriously by the authorities. Thus, officers or officials, working in various government departments, autonomous bodies, boards etc have been asked to process or examine all concerning issues thoroughly before submitting the same for consideration or approval of authorities.