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J&K government issues detailed instructions on expenditure for departments

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 at 3:31 pm

Finance Department of Jammu and Kashmir has issued consolidates instructions for regulating expenditure by the departments.

The instructions state, for incurring expenditure out of the consolidated fund, the departments shall follow General Financial Rules (GFR)-2017, Manual for Procurement of Goods-2017, Manual for Procurement of Works-2019, Manual for Procurement of Consultancy & Other Services-2017. The Departments shall also ensure compliance to CVC-guidelines.

It has been made mandatory for all the Government Departments to procure Goods & Services available on Gem, through GeM only. Purchases outside the GeM shall be made only after obtaining the non-availability report from GeM. No bills pertaining to purchases made outside GeM shall be entertained by the treasury officers, if the non-availability report from GeM (GeMAR&PTS) is not enclosed with the bill.

Local filters shall be used for procurement from local manufacturers upto Rs. 5 lakh from government e-Marketplace (GeM). For purchases above Rs. 5 lakh, additional terms and conditions clause (ATC) shall be invoked by the departments for restricting procurement within a geographical limit through the process of bidding on Gem in appropriate cases.

The instructions state that all procurement shall be made through e-tendering only. Time barred claims of the government employees shall be settled by the departments in terms of instructions issued by the GAD vide Circular No. 41-JK(GAD) of 2021 dated: 06.10.2021. A time barred claim shall be paid with the express sanction of the Government issued with the previous consent of the Finance Department.

“Retrospective effect shall not be given by competent authorities to sanctions relating to revision of pay or grant of concession to government servants, except in very special circumstances with the previous consent of Finance Department” instructions state.

No works shall be commenced or liability incurred in connection with it until administrative Approval has been obtained, sanction to incur expenditure has been obtained, a properly detailed design has been sanctioned and technical Sanction has been obtained.

All controlling officers will be required to ensure that no tenders are invited unless administrative approval and technical sanction have been accorded and funds are available in Budget.

Physical verification of the works/projects has also been made mandatory for ensuring accountability & transparency. The past liabilities in case of works shall be processed as per the circular guidelines issued by the Finance Department vide Endorsement No. A/40(2017)-492 dated: 26.04.2021.

“All the departments shall take effective steps to ensure that unauthorized, irregular and wasteful expenditure is avoided. The recoverability of unauthorized, irregular or wasteful expenditure must also be considered and appropriate disciplinary action against concerned officers/officials initiated” instructions by J&K government states.