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J&K government rolls out ‘Har Gaon Haryali’ campaign to increase tree plantation

Last Updated on March 1, 2022 at 7:41 pm

Sustainable development is an approach towards development and growth by using resources in a way that allows them to renew or continue to exist for future generations.

In this context, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has launched remarkable initiative ‘Har Gaon Haryali’ program in consonance with the vision of ‘Green Jammu and Kashmir’ drive 2021 to ensure sustainable development and promote climate justice across the Union Territory.

The Green Jammu and Kashmir drive itself is in commensuration with the National Forest Policy 1988 and the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Policy 2011 which envisages afforestation on all degraded and denuded lands in the union territory within and outside forests.

Spelling out broad contours of this initiative, Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, remarked that the ‘Green Jammu and Kashmir‘ campaign aims at creating people’s movement at a massive scale with involvement of all stakeholders particularly village panchayats, women, students, Urban Local bodies, NGOs and civil society.

“Our aim is to bring two third geographical area of Jammu and Kashmir under the forest and tree cover. The forest and tree cover in Jammu and Kashmir is about 55 percent, which is substantially higher than the national average of 24.56 percent” Lieutenant Governor maintined.

The J&K Government also initiated ‘Har Gaon Haryali’ campaign in November 2021. Under this campaign, forest and sister departments were vested with the responsibility to cover all the village panchayats and planting of one crore saplings.

With an aim to realize the objectives and target set under Har Gaon Haryali campaign the Social Forestry department is laying emphasis on providing hybrid clonal plants to farmers from its modern nurseries, so that farmer’s income can be supplemented and sustained supply of raw materials to wood based industries can be ensured.

In addition, the department is organizing such programs with multiple activities in all districts of Jammu and Kashmir to provide impetus to J&K Green drive initiative with participation of local communities. The department has apprised the people in general and farmers in particular to avail the supply of plants from departmental nurseries to take up agro-forestry activities on their lands.