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J&K govt yet to punish 1000 government employees engaged in “anti national” activities

Last Updated on April 24, 2021 at 6:02 pm

Even when a Special Task Force (STF) has been established by the government to mark and filter out government employees who are engaged in cases in any way related to putting country’s security in jeopardy, around 1000 employees found with questionable links have not been punished yet.

On 30 July 2020, the J&K Government established a panel to manage such cases for dismissing government employees of their services. Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam has the responsibility to supervise this panel and manage all cases that would be referred to it by the police and home departments.

Reliable sources informed that around 1000 employees have already been singled out by the panel who were engaged in the anti-national activities in some way.

Sources said that these employees have been using various social media platforms to run anti-India hatred campaigns. Higher officials have already decided to punish these employees but nothing has been done so far on the ground. On Wednesday, the General Administration Department (GAD) of J&K government has issued an order to set up this panel for ‘identifying and scrutinizing cases of government employees who are involved in anti-national activities’.

Order mentions that these employees will be punished under provisions of Article 311 (2) (c) of the constitution of India. Article 311 of the Constitution of India provides the government authority to dismiss an employee after running an inquiry. However, courts have dismissed most of the government employees’ sacking orders earlier.

Back in August 1990, authorities dismissed five government officials from service. They were charged with involvement in anti-national activities but later were reinstated. Few years later in 1993, over 125 policemen were dismissed from their services after a police revolt but were later permitted to join their duties.