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J&K Panchayat members not consulted before purchasing sports kits

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 at 10:56 am

The Jammu and Kashmir government announced to give sports kits worth Rs 20,000 to every Panchayat of J&K so that they can bring rural youth in sports activities. But in the name of sports kits it is alleged that substandard sports items are being supplied.

As per reports, Panchayat members were not involved in the purchase of sports items rather government officials were involved in purchasing these kits. But poor quality and substandard items were allegedly purchased and supplied to the Panchayats.

A Sarpanch from Jammu district said that no transparency was shown in purchase of these sports items and sports kits were lying in Panchayat Ghars as they are of low-quality and are inferior. “Purchasing of sports kits is not only a scam but also a cruel joke with our youth”, the Sarpanch said.

The sports kits included a cricket kit, two carrom boards, volleyball, volleyball net, two poles etc. 

“No one bothered to involve the Panchayat members in the process, and there are nearly 4000 Panchayats in J&K so sports kits worth Rs 8 crores were purchased but no tender was floated” said another Sarpanch.

Sarpanch also raised a question “Had J&K floated tender for these sports kits, village youth would have received quality sports materials”

Ironically, the J&K government claimed to involve Panchayat members in the decision-making process but at the time of purchasing these kits they were even not consulted.