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JKPC slams Govt’s order banning demonstrations by employees

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 at 5:53 pm

J&K Peoples Conference today strongly condemned the order issued by the Jammu and Kashmir administration, which restricts government employees from right to express dissent and engage in demonstrations.

PC Senior Vice President Abdul Gani Vakil in a statement emphasised that the right to disagree with the government and express one’s views through peaceful means is a fundamental tenet of democracy. He said that denying government employees in Jammu and Kashmir this fundamental right goes against the democratic principles that our great nation upholds.

“We believe in the proud democratic traditions of our country, where the right to voice concerns and grievances is an essential part of our democratic fabric. This order not only hampers the freedom of expression but also threatens the democratic spirit of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, he added.

Vakil further said that the government, instead of creating employment opportunities for the youth, is desperately finding reasons for disengaging those who are already employed. 

“This shortsighted approach will only lead to depression, anger, and frustration among the youth, which is detrimental to the well-being of our society”, he added.

Vakil urged the government to engage in open and constructive dialogues with its employees and citizens to address their concerns rather than suppressing their right to peaceful expression. 

“We call upon the authorities to reconsider this decision, respecting the democratic rights of the employees and the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, he concluded.