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JPDCL to lodge FIR against those involved in electric theft

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 at 5:24 pm

In a major decision, the JPDCL has decided to lodge FIR against erring consumers who are involved in power theft by means of hooking and bypassing of meters including smart meters. The decision has been taken by Vikas Kundal, Managing Director Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited.

 Managing Director JPDCL instructed the AEEs to lodge FIR under section 135 of Electricity Act,2003 against those who are found to be indulging in Power theft. According to the act electricity theft shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or with both.

MD, JPDCL Vikas Kundal, in a statement cautioned strict action including imprisonment against those who try to hoodwink the department by indulging in bypassing of Electronic/Smart meters. He said that such practices are causing massive loss to the public exchequer and honest consumers suffer due to illegal practices by the some miscreants. He added that it is the highest priority of the UT Government to reduce the Aggregate transmission and Distribution losses and the same can only be achieved if such practices are curbed.

Managing Director, JPDCL further explained that tampering of meter, use of tampered meter, loop connection or any other device or method which interferes with accurate or proper registration, calibration or metering of electric current or otherwise results in a manner whereby electricity is stolen amounts to power theft and general public shall refrain from such practices.

In a drive against ‘illegal’ power connections and delinquent payments, the Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited (JPDCL) has disconnected more than 5256 defaulters, raking in an impressive revenue in last 3 days, officials said today.

 “In the first place, connections of 5256 consumers including influential consumers (Industries, Hotels and Influential persons) were disconnected to sensitize the masses to clear their liabilities on account of electricity bills and develop habits of paying electricity bills in time,” it added.

The crackdown, part of JPDCL’s ongoing efforts to curb energy theft and address financial irregularities, witnessed an intensified inspection process, including day and night patrolling to check power pilferage. JPDCL spokespersons highlighted that the initiative aimed to tighten the noose on consumers engaged in widespread hooking, violation of agreed load, and bypassing of meters.

In an official statement, the JPDCL emphasized its commitment to provide relief to genuine consumers, ensuring that they are not burdened by the actions of erring individuals. The power distribution company further underscored the need to crack down on practices such as energy pilferage, which not only lead to outages but also result in damage to transformers, causing inconvenience to legitimate consumers.

Meanwhile, JPDCL in its official statement said that taking cognizance of huge arrears despite providing a reliable power supply amid harsh winters, various Sub Divisions of JPDCL launched a fresh massive disconnection drive vis-a-vis influential and chronic defaulter having huge arrears. During the drive Domestic, Industrial and Commercial consumers having huge arrears were targeted.

Managing Director JPDCL in a statement urged consumers to settle their pending bills promptly to avoid power disconnections, emphasizing that it remains committed to provide uninterrupted and reliable power supply to those who fulfill their financial obligations.