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Kashmir administration caps margin on medical devices to end exaggerated MRP, Jammu still waiting

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 at 6:26 pm

The Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole said that the administration has achieved a major breakthrough in keeping the menace of printing exaggerated Maximum Retail Price (MRP) by pharmaceutical-companies on the label of medical devices.

The development took place after Div Com took serious note of information that most medical devices were found carrying trade margins of 100-800%. 

Earlier, the Div Com had taken up the matter of printing inflated MRP on medical devices with the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), Government of India. In response, the NPPA has acknowledged the loophole and has assured action in this regard.

The matter of unethical practice of printing inflated MRPs on medical devices by pharmaceutical companies was brought into the notice of Divisional Administration by the Legal Metrology department. 

The acknowledgement on behalf of NPPA is seen as a major success towards eradicating the menace of profiteering and deception of consumers. 

While responding to Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, NPPA stated that trade margin of six medical devices including Oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, nebulizer, blood pressure monitor, digital thermometer and glucometer has been currently capped @70% Price to Distributors (PTD). 

By this action, MRP of more than 1000 brands of aforesaid medical devices has dropped up to 89%.

It was informed that Old MRP of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter FPO-95 was Rs 2499 which has been revised to Rs 1025, while  Old MRP of Nebulizer 9M Mini was Rs 2500 and has been revised to Rs 1274, besides Old MRP of Digital Thermometer 9M MT-301 was Rs 325 and  has been revised to Rs 105.

Similarly MRP of Glucometer (contour) was revised to Rs 870 from Rs 1775, Glucometer (Glucospot) to Rs 450 from Rs 1450, Blood Pressure Monitoring Device (A & DUA-611) to Rs. 2498 from Rs. 4200.

The revised MRP is applicable with effect from 20th July, 2021.

Further, a list of 1034 medical devices whose trade –margin stand capped has been provided to the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir along with the details of pharma-company, brand name, old MRP and revised MRP. The list is also available on the official website of NPPA. 

It is worthwhile to mention here that under clause 20 of the Drugs (Price Control) Order 2013, no pharmaceutical company can increase the MRP more than 10% annually.

Consumers are advised to go through the list of medical devices and pay only the price that has been fixed by NPPA.

In case anyone charges above that price, consumers should register the grievance with NPPA or Legal Metrology Department for swift and proper legal action. 

Retailers, private- hospitals and nursing homes are required to keep the revised MRP list available at their trading premises for favour of information of customers.