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Kashmir to witness additional power curtailments

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 at 5:21 pm

Authorities in the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited said that due to landslides the transmission tower of the Samba-Amargarh line in the Thanamandi area of Rajouri has got damaged, as a result of which power supply to the valley has been partially affected.

Corporation informed that restoration work has been initiated but will take upto 10 days.

KPDCL informed that 1 tower of 400kV Sambha-Amargarh Sterllite Transmission Line has slipped due to landslides which has affected the power supply to Kashmir Valley.

Further KPDCL official informed, “We are short of availability of power by 10%,this has resulted in additional curtailments.Restoration works have been taken up in hand by concerned & will take about 10 days.Consumers are requested to bear with the corporation. Inconvenience caused to general public is regretted”.