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Know how this Kashmiri entrepreneur successfully converted an idea into reality

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 at 1:40 pm

Doing entrepreneurship in a right way, there is just one catch that one has to start somewhere with an idea. A clear example comes in front of us is of a Kashmiri man who is running a successful business of pizza.

Everyone some day or the other gets the craving to have a pizza and this Kashmiri man clearly understands those cravings and taste and has the exotic pizza for you.

Kashmiri entrepreneur Tariq Ahmad Bhat is the owner of Amgio’s, the valley’s popular and first local brand of pizza. Tariq knew exactly how to build up taste of pizza amongst the locals and how he popularized Italian pizza in Wazwan-loving Kashmir.

He started from a small and first venture in the year 2008 in Gogjibagh area of Srinagar when pizza was least known among people and he opened it along with his two brothers.

Tariq told Indiatimes that the idea was to set chicken on the roti and sell it to the customers in wazwan and he got the idea when in the same year Smokin’ Joe’s opened their outlet in Srinagar. Further he added that he got to know more when they visited outside the valley and saw how people love to eat pizza and their place was lacking this food and that led him to decide to take this idea forward and get the best chefs.

He said that they started with three employees including him; Amgio’s is now the most sought eatery in the entire valley. He further said that slowly people developed the taste of what was being offered to them. He informed that they have customers between 5 and 45 years age group.

There were also very tough times for their venture during Covid-19 as they couldn’t operate that time due to lockdowns but even they paid the salaries of each and every employee on time.

Amigo’s has two outlets in Srinagar- Gogji Bagh and Hazratbal areas and one in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district. Now, they are also planning to start two more outlets by this Eid- one in Budgam and another in Baramulla.

Amigo has nearly staff of 200 persons and serves over 700 customers per day. This venture is truly an example of success and has also created the jobs for the young. Tariq informed that they have clients from far-off places like Kupwara, Bandipora and Shopian who come to eat at the restaurant or takeaway.

He said that idea, planning and execution are important before you start something of your own as well one needs to have patience as well.